Update Required But No Update Available?

I updated my CUDA Driver on my iMac to 5.5.47. Now every time I start up or restart, my preferences opens up telling me that my CUDA driver version requires an update. Under the “Install CUDA Update” button it states that “no newer CUDA update available”. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything performance wise, just seems to be an annoyance.

any news here?
A bit worrying that i) this post was never answered and ii) I face the same question years later with 8.0.46 on my Mac.



Same here. Can anyone help ?

I figured it out.
The settings panel displays this when there is no NVidia card in the system or when it does not see it.

I my case it happened for two different reasons:

  1. I use an eGPU (Bizon box with a 980 Ti inside) and before i did the install properly, I did not see the card in About This Mac > System Report > Graphics / Display. After running the setup (“activate” button in Bizon settings panel), the card appears in graphics/Displays and the CUDA driver panel stops complaining about a requred update.

  2. In the NVIDIA driver panel, if I switch back to the OSX default graphics driver and reboot, the CUDA panel again complains about a required update. Switching back to the NVIDIA Web driver fixes the error message.

So finally I have Tensorflow working on mac on CUDA. Nice 6x speedup in MNIST (convolutional network)