Cuda Driver 410.130 Error "Update Required" - Mac OS 10.11.6

Hi to all,

I am new at the forum and came here to know how can I fix this mess a update gave me.

I am running 10.11 on my Mac and won’t updat to their latest releases
meanwhile I updated the Cuda driver and since then I get on the preferences screen

“Update Required”
however there is no way to update since the button is greyed out

Can someone tell me how can this be fixed

Pls see the screenshot


Can anyone please help


I have very similar situation with a bit different configuration.

MacBookPro (Retina, Mid 2012)
OSX 10.13.6 (17G6030)

<CUDA Driver Info & Updates> button is enabled, but does not seem to do anything at all when clicked.

I found someting in youtybe by Quy Nguyen and wrote notes to a google doc. The youtube and google doc links are copied below. The CUDA window in the System Preferences did stop complaining and the kernel extension does start.

These instructions come with ZERO support and no assurance for correctness. They may be useful at least in conjunction with watching the video. :)