URDF file loading error

Hi there,

I’ve installed isaac gym and try to load an URDF file. But got the following error:

[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Could not load collision mesh /home/junninghuang/Code/PlateSpinning/barrett_core/wam_description/models/sw_meshes/base_link_convex.dae
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Could not load visual mesh /home/junninghuang/Code/PlateSpinning/barrett_core/wam_description/models/sw_meshes/base_link_fine.stl
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Could not load collision mesh /home/junninghuang/Code/PlateSpinning/barrett_core/wam_description/models/sw_meshes/shoulder_link_convex_decomposition.dae
[Error] [carb.gym.plugin] Could not load visual mesh /home/junninghuang/Code/PlateSpinning/barrett_core/wam_description/models/sw_meshes/shoulder_link_fine.stl

Here is my code to load the URDF file.

asset_root = "/home/junninghuang/Code/PlateSpinning"
asset_file = "barrett_core/wam_description/robots/wam.urdf"
asset = gym.load_urdf(sim, asset_root, asset_file)

Since I can load the exact same file in pybullet, this error seems really weird. Hope that anyone can help me out.

If I remember correctly, according to the documentation one of the limitation of this release is that it can’t read .stl mesh in urdf. You can replace the collision mesh with .obj format and try.

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Thanks man. So you mean I need to regenerate the collision mesh files in a .obj format? Am I right?
I’m totally a freshman in this area.

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Yeah, I guess that would be one thing to try. For converting meshes, you can use a different programs such as Meshlab. You can have a look at the urdf example in the asset folder to see which formats are supported tho.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I googled it and found a online transfer, http://www.swiftconverter.com/convert_3d. I would try it first.

BTW, if I change the type of the files, the loading paths of the files in URDF should also be changed respectively?
Below are some lines in my URDF related to the loading paths.

    <mesh filename="package://wam_description/models/sw_meshes/base_link_fine.stl"/>
    <mesh filename="package://wam_description/models/sw_meshes/base_link_convex.dae"/>