Urgent Help Needed!

I just switched my laptop for an MSI workstation that has the following specs:

Windows 10 Pro
Processor:Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80 GHz 2.80 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro M2000M (Dedicated video memory: 4096 MB GDDR5)

I need to use AutoDesk Maya 3D modelling (Maya 2016 - x64) for work, however, every time I open the software it “crashes”. Crashes in " " because what happens is that every time I do something I have to scroll in or out (zoom) for the software to update and show me what I just did. This happens to absolutely every tool in the program. Plus, I do not get highlighting on the tools that I put my mouse on top of. The program will also not close. I have to close it by task manager.

I believe it is a graphic card configuration issue. I have tried setting the image setting on NVIDIA control (3D settings) to "Use my preference emphasizing: Quality)

I have tried reinstalling about 5 times already and nothing works.
I absolutely need help to solve this issue.

Thank you!

Please check if you have Maya 2016 Service Pack 5 installed.
If not use the Autodesk Application Manager to install that update.

In my case that fixed crashes in Autodesk’s renderer module OGSDeviceOGL_6.3.dll which occurred in a freshly installed Maya 2016 without that service pack.