USB 3.0 from the pci-express 4x socket


I use a tx2 and i want to expand into additional 3.0 usb ports. i’ve currently used a hub but i feels like im running out of bandwith there. I was thinking of using the PCI port to plug in a PCI-board to usb 3.0 and my question is does the TX2 support this and does anyone have an example of a good PCI-board to do this? The PCI-board only need 1 or 2 usb 3.0 sockets.

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It should be noted that i use the TX2 development board with jetpack 4.2

Hi, a PCIe to USB3.0 bridge device should be workable as it is just a standard PCIe device to TX2. We don’t have such recommend device, you’d better to search and ask vendor for this. Also hope someone has such experience can be shared.

Any PCIe USB3 card (USB3.1 gen. 1) which has a driver in the kernel should work, but if you have multiple ports on it, I’d make sure each port has its own controller and is not just a HUB of multiple ports going to a single controller. Cheaper multi-port cards tend to not use as many PCIe lanes and also tend to have only a single controller. If the card actually wants four PCIe lanes, then chances are quite high each port has its own controller. I don’t have a suggestion on a specific card, and specifications often need detail prior to being able to tell if the card has multiple controllers (and of course a single port card would have only one controller).

A bridge chip is a great way to go if you are building your own carrier board.

If the kernel has the driver for the card (or the card’s chipset), then you’d probably still have to build the kernel module and copy the file to your TX2.

Thanks for the feedback! Also thank you linuxdev for your additional insights!