usb and type-c ports don't work

usb port,type-c port,network port can’t use ,xavier can connect to monitor and display,but mouse and keyborad can’t work in any ports.Does anyone can help me? thanks a lot


  1. Are you using devkit?
  2. Can dp monitor work on type c port?
  3. Could you see new log from dmesg if you connect usb device to usb port?
  4. Did you modify anything?

thanks for your reply
i just use xavier a little,so i cann not understand some of your quetion
before i download JetPack in xavier, the ports can work,but when i run the JetPack,it is arm64,need x64 can use ,then i shutdowm it,after that ,i can not use my port.


So you don’t have a x64 host for jetpack? Just directly use the SW installed on out-of-box Xaiver?

yes,just like you said,and what’s “SW” you mention?

I mean software.

Could you find a x64 host and use Jetpack to flash your board first?
I don’t guarantee what is installed on out-of-box Xavier…

i konw your words,can you give me a guide of how to do it?

You could download jetpack from here.

Run jetpack as a binary file on your ubuntu desktop and a GUI would show.

thanks you so much,i will try it

The JetPack software runs only on desktop PCs, e.g., Intel or AMD CPU. This is x86 or x86_64 or amd64 in some abbreviations. The Jetson itself is arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a, and the flash software won’t run on this…simply meaning an Xavier cannot self-flash.

thanks for your help

dear all,i got a monitor today,when i start xavier ,he tells me to enter password,but all ports when i connect to keyboard can’t use ,what should i do?

Have you flashed the devices?
After you flash the Xavier with Jeptack, the Xaiver still cannot access usb?

how to flashed the device? i just open the device

Could you firstly study the instructions here for jetpack?

sorry, i am a fersh man,when i’m installing jetpack it tells me"error occurs during installation", i can’t install it,how to sovle this problem?

Could you paste log? Do you set the device into recovery mode?

emmm,my folder include chinese,i change the name ,it can work

Now i had flashed the devices,but the type-c port and usb port also can’t use keyboard and mouse.

My keyboard connect to usb3.1 port,the indicator light is off