USB ports stopped functioning


After flashing the Xavier using JetPack 4.3, I am unable to use a keyboard or mouse to confirm the EULA for initial log-in. After using minicom to read debug info, I found the following errors:

[0004.368] I> USB Firmware Version: 60.06 release                               
[0004.887] I> USB 2.0 port 2 new low-speed USB device detected                  
[0004.888] W> WARNING: event and command not matching, cmd_trb_ptr = 0xa0e9b8000
[0004.889] E> slot id is 1                                                      
[0004.890] W> handle_command_completion_event: WARNING: Command was not success)
[0005.894] W> xusbh_wait_irq: Timed out! status = 0x00                          
[0006.898] W> xusbh_wait_irq: Timed out! status = 0x00                          
[0006.898] W> failed to enumerate usb device                                    
[0006.899] E> failed to start xhci controller                                   
[0006.899] E> Error in init of XUSB host driver, err: 7979000c                  
[0006.899] W> Failed to initialize device 6-0                                   
[0006.900] I> Loading kernel from partition ...

Should we just buy a new Xavier?

Could you try Jetpack4.2.3? If it is something wrong in hardware, it shall also fail if you do clean re-flash to JP4.2.3 through SDKManager.