USB-C Displayport (DP Alt mode)

Yes, I did install sdk from sdkmanger last week.

There was a IP that you gave to the sdkmanager to let it install the sdk.

It was created when you plug the micro usb cable between host and jetson. You can use that IP to do the ssh work and dump the log.

However, this is not as stable as the uart way. Sometimes the interface may be gone.

What is the ssh command to dump the log from the host system?

Are you new to linux? After connect to the device, just run “dmesg” and save the log.

I mostly do coding in c++ and python. I am not an expert but competent at system admin and configuration. I’ll try SSH. Thanks.

dmesg.txt (67.7 KB)

This is it. Please have a look.

Ok, Looks like the log I need.

I don’t see kernel react to it, if you really inserted the cable after boot.

Which means the hotplug signal seems not exist. We need your hardware guy to help check if inserting the DP cable (your usb cable) really toggles the hpd pin.

I did insert the USB-C cable after boot.

Ok, then need your hardware guy to check the pin.