Usb Devices on Xavier AGX


Actually when i am trying to using 15 usb devices in Xavier Agx by using usb hub few of the devices are not working initially when i am connecting and disconnecting it again then its showing that device. Could you please confirm me how may usb devices can be connected to Xavier AGX by using USB HUB.

please check if the ep number is over 70.

how to check ep number?

Try also making sure your HUB is externally powered. USB root ports only have a given specified standard power availability, and that means all 15 of your devices combined, plus the HUB itself, have to use less than that amount of power. If you add devices which breach that power level, then those devices won’t show up. If the HUB is externally powered, then you get around that (external power defines a higher total power availability, and that power is not consumed from the Jetson).

12 are connected in powered hub but remaining 3 are in non-powered hub. But i am facing issues with powered hub connected devices

This might also depend on how much bandwidth is required. I am curious, if you put the powered HUB with 12 devices on a desktop PC, does this work? If it does, then what do you see for “lsusb -t” for that tree of devices (the other devices on the PC don’t matter)?

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could you please share data regarding ep number check command

lsusb -v may tell how many endpoints are there.

One usb device may have multiple endpoints… so it has chance the usb ep number already reached the limitation.

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