USB generation of USB3 controller on TX1?

What is the generation of the USB3 controller on the TX1 and TX2? I mean is it USB3.1Gen1 or similar?

There is no information about max data rate we can achieve on TX1 and TX2. I saw some posts measuring the write/read performance from/to USB drives but there is no information about USB3 generation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, please check the module datasheet in DLC.

Sorry, there is no information on the datasheets about generation of the USB 3.0 ports.

What is the maximum data rate(in terms of gbps) we can get from the USB controller of the TX1 and TX2?

Both are 5Gb/s, you can also refer to the TRM in DLC.

Thanks :) However, this information is not available in TX1’s datasheet.