USB WiFi module on miniPCI connector


I used on my Jetson TK1, a USB WiFi module from Radicom (WiFiHU2s-a), that needs to be powered from 3.3V. For that I chose the USB interface provided at miniPCI connector. I installed the software recommended (for Ubuntu) by manufacture company and it seems to work - appears the connection inscription on LCD screen -, but this disappears after a few seconds!?!..And, instead, appears the message: “WiFi disable by Hardware Switch” !!! Where or which can be this switch?
Thank you in advance for your help!

I haven’t worked with this before, but there were a few web hits on the issue. I tend to not like NetworkManager, as it gets in the way, so I tend to lean to that being restarted as a first test. Here’s one link on the topic:

Another listed this as a way to accomplish restart and check:

sudo rfkill unblock all
$ rfkill list all