USD Composer with VR extension detects the wrong controllers

I tried to use HP Reverb G2 controllers in USD Composer with VR extension, but the controllers in the viewer were HTC Vive. SteamVR also showed that the controllers were HP controllers.
Worst of all, the buttons didn’t work properly. I couldn’t use my controllers to select models, teleport, etc.
What can I do to fix this error?

@emily-kuo based on what i’ve gathered thus far, i don’t believe the official support has been extended to include the HP Reverb G2 at this point in time. per what others have reported, here is a response from the dev two years ago that may indicate as such.

The tested HMDs are the Meta Quest 2 and HTC Vive Pro.

I can pass this comment on to the Dev team, but as stated, we do not automatically support all VR equipment by default. At the time of release, the HTC Vice handsets are being loaded and standard handset models.

Thank you. Hope that HP Reverb G2 will be supported soon. I am looking forward to it.