USD file sequence import(seperate files)


How would I import a usd file sequence into Create to correspond to the timeline(ie frame 01 - usd.001, frame 02 - usd.002)? My data set is quite huge with each usd file around 500mb+ so a single usd will not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Checking with the team on this. It’s definitely possible, and we’ve done it on several projects. I just can’t remember how we did it.

Hi, checking in to see if there’s been an update on this issue.

Hey @jimmaybones - still looking for a template USDA file I can give you. In the meantime, usd handles this sort of thing with “value clips”. Universal Scene Description: Sequencable, Re-timable Animated "Value Clips"

#usda 1.0
def "Prim" (
    clips = {
        dictionary clip_set_1 = {
            double2[] active = [(101, 0), (102, 1), (103, 2)] 
            asset[] assetPaths = [@./clip1.usda@, @./clip2.usda@, @./clip3.usda@]
            asset manifestAssetPath = @./clipset1.manifest.usda@
            string primPath = "/ClipSet1"
            double2[] times = [(101, 101), (102, 102), (103, 103)]
        dictionary clip_set_2 = {
            string templateAssetPath = "clipset2.#.usd"
            double templateStartTime = 101
            double templateEndTime = 103
            double templateStride = 1
            asset manifestAssetPath = @./clipset2.manifest.usda@
            string primPath = "/ClipSet2"
    clipSets = ["clip_set_2", "clip_set_1"]

Hey @dtyner , thanks for the description. Value clips make sense, I wish it could be as simple as putting in a formula to grab each frame - “test.$F4.usd”

Looking forward to the template!

Hi, I was wondering if there has been any update to this issue? Thank you.