Using CUDA profiler in text mode


I am trying to acces cuda profiler in text mode. Here is what I am doing.

#nvcc -o myfile



Once I do this I am getting a file: cuda_profile_0.log that says:

NV error: Failed to open profile config file: myconfig
NV error: Profiler Initialization failed

Can anybody tell me how do I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Define the environment variable CUDA_PROFILE_LOG as well. e.g.

export CUDA_PROFILE_LOG=$HOME/(name of your output file)

Thank you very much for the help. Now I by the grace of God I am getting the file “myconf”. But the problem is when I open the file myconf I get the following output:

NV_Error: Profiler config file myconf is of zero length.

NV_Error: Profiler initialization failed


Also do you think the sequence of operation that I am following is correct (kindly see my first post in this thread)…

BTW can we use CUDA profiler in LAN eg. using putty ?

BTW can we use CUDA profiler in LAN eg. using putty ?