Using IRaycastQuery.h in Kit SDK


I am trying to develop a C++ extension for Omniverse and was going through some of the interfacesin Kit SDK. I tried to include omni/kit/raycast/query/IRaycastQuery.h in my source but I get a compilation failure as it cant find rtx/raytracing/RaycastQueryTypes.h. I can’t seem to find the header file anywhere on my PC or on the internet so I wondered if I am not pulling some dependency for using this.

Does anyone know where this header file would be and if I need to add a dependency to some extension in the extension.toml? I am editing the cpp.hello_world example extensions found here: kit-extension-template-cpp/source/extensions/omni.example.cpp.hello_world/plugins/omni.example.cpp.hello_world/HelloWorldExtension.cpp at main · NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-extension-template-cpp · GitHub