Using NVIDIA Video Codec SDK API for third party projects

Hello, I am trying to use NVIDIA Video Codec SDK API in a third party object detection project I am working on, for encoding and decoding H.264 and HEVC streams with low latency. However, I do not have much idea on how to go about with this as the Samples provided do not appear to give a clear flow of the function calls and hierarchy of the encoding/decoding process. I would like some assistance in this ASAP, if anyone has any idea on how to use the API calls in a simpler manner in other projects, please let me know!

Thank you.


We suggest you go through the programming guide for encoder and decoder present in …\Video_Codec_SDK_8.2.16\doc. Then you can start going through the wrapper implementation in …\Video_Codec_SDK_8.2.16\Samples\NvCodec. And we also have an applciation which can low latency encoding (AppEncLowLatency). Please let us know if anything specific is not clear.

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your response, I did go through the files you mentioned and it gave me a vague idea on the flow of the decoding / encoding process. I had been able to run the Samples for AppDecode and others and see the results, however when I try to use the Makefile for these Samples in a third party project’s Makefile, the executables are not getting built. The reason I am merging the Makefiles is to be able to use the API calls from NvCodec and other Sample header/cpp files in the third party project.

Please let me know on how I can include the Makefile structure in other project’s Makefile so as to use the API in other programs.


Hi sindhura,

You can use make’s debug options and this would provide clues to you as to where the integration of the codebases is going wrong.

Please let us know if you face any problem specific to the code from NVIDIA Video Codec SDK.

Ryan Park