Utilizing Pegasus HW Accelerators

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Is there a table or document which gives following information ?

  1. How many documented HW accelerators are there on Xavier (and Orin) ? ISP, PVA, Codecs, OpticalFlow, DisplayHead etc?
  2. Details about capability of each accelerator. What can it accelerate ? E.g. can ISP do debayer, scale and rotate in one go ? What would be data path of such an operation in ISP ? Will it read bayer data from DDR or will it directly receive it from CSI interface ? Will it write debayered output to DDR or and then read it back for scaling or rotation ?
  3. What are recommended nvidia SDK/APIs to use those accelerators ? E.g. I am guessing that in order to accelerate codec functionality, we should use NvMedia ?
  4. Are recommended APIs safety certified (ASIL-D) ?
  5. What is recommended image buffer format to be used with these accelerators ?
  6. Can the accelerator feed or receive data from GPU - if so what is recommended buffer format and APIs to facilitate this ?
  7. Is there a list of opencv functions / operations which can be accelerated by ISP/ PVA or other accelerators ?
  8. Are there any performance numbers which compares time required by an opencv function/algorithm on Xavier CPU/iGPU/accelerator-which-can-accelerate-that-function.

Ideally I would prefer this information tabulated for Xavier and Orin side by side.


This looks like a DRIVE platform issue. We recommend you to raise it to the respective platform from the below link
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