VBUS_P_CTRL and VBUS_C_CTRL_N signal in Xavier Carrier board

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There are two VBUS signals (VBUS_P_CTRL and VBUS_C_CTRL_N ) in the Truth Table on page 28 of the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board schematics Rev B03. The VBUS_C_CTRL_N cannot be found anywhere in the schematic. Can you please advise what the control signals should be for power provider mode and power consumer mode?
Another related question:
What are the functions of the circuit cluster surrounding R38&Q4 and R27&Q2?

VBUS_P_CTRL = VBUS_P_CTRL_P1/P2_R, for power provider path control.
VBUS_C_CTRL_N = VBUS_C_CTRL_P1/P2_R, for power consumer path control.
VBUS_C_CTRL_N in truth table is always ‘1’ (HIGH) as R77&R101 are not stuffed. DC Jack power is the only source of VCC_SRC in this config.

For R38, Q4, R27 and Q2, they are used to implement power consumer path control (PMOS on/off) if VBUS_C_CTRL_N can be toggled. In B03, power consumer path (PMOS) is always off.

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