Vendor List for PCB manufacturing?

I bought jetson-tk1 chips for our product and currently looking for recommended vendors who could do PCB manufacturing. Can you suggest me vendors/or a recommend list that you have for vendors?

Hi Kart,

The OEM design guide defines the route requirement related to the PCB. It should be normal SPEC from the PCB manufacture view. You only need to find a general vendor.

Yes, I understand, but is there a partnered manufacturer/vendor recommendation locally in bay area- CA, which I can approach to ?

AFAIK no such partner in CA, in fact most PCB are made in China…

Okay, anyone in China then? A few vendor names will be helpful?

We do not provide such recommendation, you can google source. e.g.:

Maybe you would be interested Bay Area Circuits a pcb house located in CA. I never use their service and it seems a little expensive, so you also can take a look at my default PCB manufacturer Seeed Studio Fusion they are based on China, offer good quality board with low price, and their Propagate service offer one-stop OEM prototyping solution.

Hi, We are the PCB manufacturer in China.
If you need PCB vendor, please feel free to contact my email: I would like to introduce our company by email.
You can check our

I would recommend you It is the largest directory of PCB Manufacturers and Fabricators on the Internet. They have listed the leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturers around the world and made them searchable by their location and capabilities like board types (rigid, flex, rigid-flex), layers, laminates etc.

You can also request quotes from multiple manufacturers by filling out a single form. Do check out their PCB Quotation Tool -