Video Rendering and Playback - Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration (CUDA) is Not Available


I am using “NVIDIA Quadro FX5600” graphics card. Video Rendering and Playback “Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration (CUDA)” is not available in Adobe premier pro CC 2017. how to enable it. I was tried NVIDIA latest drivers clean installation also.

Graphics card : NVIDIA Quadro FX5600
OS : Windows 7 Pro SP1 - 64bit

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The FX5600 may not support “Mercury Playback GPU acceleration (CUDA)”, the support for that was first enabled with the FX5800.

You can still try the following to see if the 5600 card is supported:

  1. Open the master folder of Premiere pro
  2. Locate GPU sniffer
  3. Run GPU sniffer on command prompt. That should tell you whether the graphics card supports Mercury Playback or not.

Ryan Park

Thank You so much Ryan!