No Premiere or FCPX with Q4000 on 10.68

After updating to Mac OS 10.68, Premiere Pro 5.5 no longer recognizes my Quadro 4000.
Then today I see a new nvidia driver update for the card. I install it. Same problem. Premiere reverts to software mode.

Needless to say, I cannot launch FCPX either because I suppose it requires a card that supports Mac Open CL.

Since this is the newer high end video card for Mac. How come I can’t run any Video editors with it?
Nice $1000. paperweight.

I’m sorry to post here, I’m not a developer, I’m a filmmaker with the same problem as the person above me. I use my Mac Pro w/ Premiere Pro CS5.5, bought a Quadro 4000 for the CUDA capabilities. Now I’ve updated to OS 10.6.8 and updated the card and CUDA drivers. I got my second monitor back, but not the hardware Mercury Engine, it’s software only.

I’m very unhappy with this and I NEED help! nVIDIA seems very cagey about offering support for their products, so I’m forced to use the user forums. As I saw no other forums that address issues with the Quadro 4000 and the Mac, I decided to post here. Hopefully there’s a solution for this very pressing problem.

Thank you for the feedback. We will look into this issue.

I’m also experiencing problems after upgrading to 10.6.8 and installing 256.02.25f01 drivers.

The display shows graphic corruption. Maybe this isn’t the right place to post the question, but it’s the only place I’ve found.

The Same thing happened to me. I upgraded to Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 from 10.6.7. I was in the middle of working on a project for a client in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I have a Nvida Quadro 4000 graphics card. After I updated my system Mac OS X 10.6.8, Premiere pro stopped recognizing my graphics card. Obvisoly this is an issue for many other Premiere Pro CS 5 and CS 5.5 users. I have the updated Nvida Quadro drivers for my graphics card but still the problem persists.

This is a huge problem for me. I work in high definition AVCHD format. I can’t even preview my work, let alone edit it without my graphics card functioning properly with Premiere Pro. Everything was working fine until I updated to Mac OS X 10.6.8. Like I said, I have the latest drivers installed from Nvidia.

I hope Adobe, Nvidia and Apple can all get on the same page and get this resolved ASAP. All this is doing is effecting their customers and pushing them into different products.

I am facing the same situation, after I upgraded to 10.6.8 and the new driver 256.02 from 6/24/2011 my Adobe Premiere Pro Mercury Engine is defaulting to CPU Software, no more GPU acceleration, the only way to resolve this has been reverting back to the original Quadro 4000 for Mac drivers from 03/22/2011 256.01.

I just bought this card 2 days ago to use with premiere pro cs5.5 … I seriously hope this get’s fixed fast. :angry:

Same problem here as well - Premeire CUDA acceleration working fine until the moment I install 10.6.8. Then lost CUDA accel options in Premiere.

At the same moment, FCP7 would not open either - warning message displayed something like “Your graphics card has 0 Vram - FCP will close”. Yet after installing the new nVidia driver posted same day as SL10.6.8, it cleared the problems with FCP7 and other apps … but not with Premiere.

Please help soon.

Adding my cry for help to the list as well… On another thread HERE someone suggested we can roll back to the March driver as a workaround, however I cannot get the March driver to install as it continues to say “No Driver Update Needed” … Perhaps if I were more Mac savvy I could force the rollback… Anyone who’s successful please post here so others can fix their systems. I know for my edit suite we need Mercury Playback badly … I may have 10 layers of graphics effects and H.264 video all playing at once. I hope Nvidea releases a driver update soon to legitimately fix the issue. Thanks!

Open the package, there will be 3 packages inside, Display, Driver and Opengl, install each of them reboot and you will be back in business

Successfully rolled back to the March drivers … Thank you! Premiere shows Mercury GPU acceleration back online, HOWEVER I see a performance hit from where we were. I just loaded several projects that used to play at full frame rate (or close to), now getting more dropped frames. Not so obvious on straight DSLR footage, but there’s definitely some frame sticking that wasn’t there before, particularly obvious on cuts. Another project I have features multiple flying titles on layers and nested sequences utilizing Premiere’s Move/Scale, Basic 3D and Proc Amp effects. Playback is definitely faster than CPU-only (I have a Mac Pro w/ dual 2.93 Xeons) but seems less “smooth” than it was. Hard to compare… Anyone else experiencing GPU performance differences?

Just want to make sure Nvidia knows this workaround is not 100% fixing the problem.

For those caught in the same jam where Nvidia’s latest Quadro 4000 drivers broke Mercury playback in OSX 10.6.8 , here’s a quick “How To” workaround so you can get back up and running:

  1. Download the March driver here:
  2. Simply installing over the latest build won’t work. The installer will stop you saying “No Driver Update Needed” … so do this:
  3. Open the package in Finder (right click and select “Show Package Contents”)
  4. There will be 3 packages inside, Display, Driver and Opengl, install each of them, then reboot. (thanks to brosenz for the tip!)

As noted in my previous posts, this workaround does not seem to 100% fix the problem. I sense a drop in real time performance from where I was before the Nvidia/OSX update. Visit the Adobe thread for more info. I’d also like to encourage anyone who sees a similar performance hit to post their findings both at Adobe and here on Nvidia’s site. Good luck!

Has anybody tried 10.6.7 with the new NVIDIA drivers 256.02.25f01 ?, that might be a temporary solution as well, I’ll try it tonight

We’ll be releasing an updated CUDA driver version 4.0.19 soon which will restore Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Mercury Playback Engine support to 10.6.8 drivers:

At which time we should reinstall NVIDIA Retail Mac Driver 256.02.25f01 as well, I assume?

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Hi, any feedback regarding when the new CUDA driver will be available ?

The fix is here!
It works - restores GPU support in Premiere with 10.6.8 and the latest nVidia Graphics card driver.

Thanks for the very quick work and effort - MUCH appreciated!

Okay guys will someone check this out for me? I upgraded to the newest drivers this morning, however now I’m seeing a MAJOR bug with a simple dissolve transition in Premiere’s Mercury GPU acceleration… Test this out please:

  1. Add footage to the timeline (In my case HDV) and edit a cut between two clips.
  2. Apply a dissolve transition between them with Mercury GPU on… on my system it’s just a cut.
  3. Disable Mercury GPU playback … the dissolve works fine.

Please confirm this as a bug and let the powers that be know. Thanks!

This is still on on a Mac Pro, by the way, OSX 10.6.8, Cuda driver 4.0.19, GPU driver (256.02.25f01)

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