Which Quadro for Premiere Pro

Hi everyone,

My employer is wanting to get me a Quadro graphics card to see if it’ll fix a problem I am having in Premiere Pro (link to problem at end of post).

In looking at some of the available Quadros, and I notice that they are all from 2010 (looking at Quadros 4000 - 6000 as they are supported in Premiere).

My questions: Are these still highly competitive / relative cards given their age?

I currently run a GTX 1080 - where can I find a driver compatible with the 1080 and, say, the 6000 Quadro - or would you recommend 2 partitions one running each card - the 1080 for gaming and the 6000 for work.

My problem is here:

My problem in Premier pro is seen at he 16 second mark when I pause the playback and the timecode on the media is 1 frame ahead of the Premiere Pro timecode shown in the box on the bottom left.

My boss and his tech guy say I should try using a supported card with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) enabled. Which leads us back to the start of this post :D


If you are looking for GPUs that are highly compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, refer to this link:

FYI, all Quadros are adobe certified. GTX 1080 is certified as well.

As for your video problem, have you tried contacting Adobe? One possible thing that could be happening is that the Premiere is performing some read ahead of the video file, and in cases where the timeline is stopped on a frame boundary, it can potentially show either the current or the next frame, which could erroneously show the next frame and show the incorrect time code.

From my knowledge, there are no universal drivers that support both a GTX and a Quadro. So the partition could be your best bet. Let me do more research about this, and get back to you on that.

Ryan Park

Also, to add to the Premiero Pro issue, one of our internal team members noticed that here can also be an issue between 50hz and 60hz.

It’s not clear in the video, what is the timeline configured to and what is the frame-rate of your footage in Premier?

We noticed based on the video that the timecode displayed is Non-drop frame timecode.


Ryan Park