vkCreateDevice causes fatal program exit from nvoglv32.dll

i recently updated both ther driver for my GTX 1080 and the Vulkan SDK respectively to 451.48 and 1.2.141
Ever since then my Vulkan applications, including the ones included in the SDK like vulkaninfo tend to crash without any error output. It works for a couple of times after a restart or reinstallation of drivers but even then nothing is rendered to the surface. In Debug mode with MSVC it reports "Unhandled exception at [memory address] (nvoglv32.dll) in [application]: Fatal program exit requested. "
In the hope of getting any kind of log i also tested with all validation layers and none of them to no success.
One more thing i noted is, that even when it doesn’t crash it takes a noticable amount of time to allocate a VkDevice.

as it turns out, that happens because i did not properly align data i wrote to a descriptor set. I guess it in someway generated in the system. Since after that happening a device initialization will require one of the steps above.