VMA Usage

Dear all,

I am new to this forum and to the topic of VMA.
I am trying to use the offload capability offered by VMA to improve network throughput performance using NVidia infiniband cards.
For my tests I started with a simple iperf3 test.

Below are the preliminary commands I issued:

setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin+ep /bin/iperf3
echo datagram > /sys/class/net/ib0/mode
echo 1000000000 > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
echo 5000 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages

(both on the server and on the client).
I then started the test by running the commands:

(server-side): LD_PRELOAD=libvma.so /bin/iperf3 -s
(client-side): LD_PRELOAD=libvma.so /bin/iperf3 -c <IPoIB address of server>.

The VMA library issued the following warning (both sides):

VMA WARNING: * The ib1 interface will not be downloaded.
VMA WARNING: * Downloaded resources are restricted to root or users with CAP_NET_RAW privileges.
VMA WARNING: * Read the CAP_NET_RAW and root access section in the VMA user manual for more information.

Now, while it is clear to me what it means to set a capability on, say, an executable… I am a little confused about setting a capability on a resource such as the ib iface.
I downloaded the VMA PDF user manual, but the only mention of setcap is about adding the capability to the test tool, not to the above resource.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Alvise,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

I would like to inform that, unfortunately, we have the following limitation mentioned in our VMA documentation realted to IPoIB —> https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/VMAv972LTS/Changes+and+New+Features

" * IPoIB is no longer supported with MLNX_OFED v5.1 and above"


Hi Namrata,
question: is there an offloading alternative for IPoIB and e.g. MOFED 5.1 + ConnectX5,6? We were using SDP before, that then got deprecated in favour of VMA


Hi Leonardo,

Apart from VMA, we offer XLIO, however, it is also suited for Ethernet network —> https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/XLIOv207LTS/NVIDIA+Accelerated+IO+(XLIO)+Documentation+Rev+2.0.7+LTS