VS Code Python Debugging in Isaac Sim

Just starting trying to build my isaac sim synthetic data creation world - and a debugger would really help! The documentation starts with, under ‘Setting Up ISAAC SIM’ / ‘Debugging & Editing Python Code’ - a section on changing the wording on a menu for Leonardo. Fine - that works great.

Since I’d like to debug a clone of Leonardo for my work, I jumpt to ‘Attaching the Debugger to a Running App’. The instructions say “From the configuration menu, select “Python: Attach (windows-x86_64/linux-x86_64) then press play.” However, that isn’t one of the options I’m presented with. If I try to ‘Add Configuration’ - I see Python: Attach for Chrome, Edge, Node.js, … - but no Attach (windows/linux…)

I am running ubuntu 18 with a fresh install of vs code.


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Hi @peter.gaston

To attach it use choose the Remote Attach option under Run > Add Configuration… menu
Then, setup in VSCode the host and port as shown by the omni.kit.debug.vscode extension window.

After configure it you can Start Debugging

Note: I the .vscode/launch.json file is created, then click on Python when calling Run > Add Configuration… and choose Remote Attach

Thanks - that makes a lot of sense. Btw, for future reference the shorter ‘answer’ is that I had opened vs-code at an incorrect level in the hierarchy - I opened at ov/, when it should be opened at isaac_sim-2021.1.1

So debugging - both current file and attaching - all works fine. Thanks!

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