Debugging extensions and apps

ok, this is kind of embarrassing. I am trying to set up a development environment for kit, but I am already stuck before even getting started.
I am on a Windows machine and I read this:,
but I can’t find the mentioned launch.json or the .vscode folder anywhere (tried AppData/Local/ov).
Could anybody please help me getting started with VSCode and Kit?
Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Those instructions aren’t as direct as they could be and a few names have changed.

  1. Launch Kit
  2. Select the Extensions tab and search debug. Toggle on Kit Debug Utils
  3. Open VS Code Make sure that you install the Python extension and Python Coding Tools as well.
  4. In VS Code got to File-Open Folder
    You also need to get your path to the build from the Launcher Person Icon- Settings.

    You’ll need to open the Release folder
  5. If you don’t have a .vscode just make the folder and add an empty launch.json file inside
  6. Open the launch.json and add connection-Python
    For some reason, I have to reinstall the coding tools if Python doesn’t automatically pop up when I try to add a connection.
  7. Select the Remote Attach Option
    It will recommend localhost and a server. Change the server number so that it reflects what you see in VS Code link panel
  8. Make sure your path mapping are the same
  9. Press F5
    It should Connect and you will see this

Thank you for helping me out, aminx!
It works like a charm.

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