We have a Mellanox Technologies MT27630 Family and Mellanox Technologies MT27710 Family cards that has pre-set maximums RX 64 and TX 8192, is it possible to have the RX value increased?

[me~]$ ethtool -g eth4

Ring parameters for eth4:

Pre-set maximums:

RX: 64

RX Mini: 0

RX Jumbo: 0

TX: 8192

Current hardware settings:

RX: 64

RX Mini: 0

1RX Jumbo: 0

TX: 8192

Hello Anthony,

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Yes, you can change both TX and RX ring buffers to a max of 8192. Be aware that increasing the ring size buffer will allocated more memory. Make sure you have enough memory in your system to do this.

Command syntax:

# ethtool -G eth tx 8192 rx 8192

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

@Martijn van Breugel​ Thank you for you response, yes I have already increased the buffer values but for clarification I wanted to know if I can change the pre-set RX 64 to higher value and then change the Current hardware settings from 64 to the new value if I can able to increase the pre-set max value of 64.

Please let me know if you need further details.

@Martijn van Breugel​ What I want to do is increase the buffer size for network interface card. With ethtool I have set the RX buffer size to 64 KB. But I want to increase to more than 64 KB. Is that possible, and what should I do?