Weird behavior of cuda event


I am trying to profile my application (store/load only application) using the cuda event API. The execution time given by the cuda event was similar to the time given by nsight systems. However, when I disabled the JIT compilation and compiled again using --gpu-architecture=compute_72 --gpu-code=sm_72 (since I am on the Jetson AGX Xavier), I am getting different results with cuda event (for example I am getting 6 microsecond with the cuda event and getting 2ms with nsight systems). The values with nsight systems didn’t change before and after the deactivation of the JIT.

If you need further information please let me know.

Update: I discovered something that when I run the application with sudo, it works. I figured out that the kernel executes when I run the app with the command sudo. It seems the driver cannot access the binary file without the sudo command.(very weird)

Thank you for your support.


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Is your user a member of group “video”? Debug and profiling might still require sudo, but in general, for normal operation, you might gain access to GPU without sudo when a member of the proper group. What do you see from:
grep video /etc/group

You should see your user name there. If not, assuming your user name is ubuntu:
sudo usermod -aG video ubuntu

Then try again without sudo.

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