WGPU Driver bug

so i am bug testing cosmic DE and all of cosmic apps are built on WGPU GitHub - gfx-rs/wgpu: Cross-platform, safe, pure-rust graphics api.
now unless we force WGPU to use GL the apps freeze Applications using `wgpu` hang forever on bleeding edge Linux with Nvidia drivers 545.29.06 on GNOME / Wayland · Issue #4775 · gfx-rs/wgpu · GitHub even happens on the 550 Drivers as well is there any chance you can add WGPU support? cosmic is a very good DE and i want it usable for nvidia people.

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Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the problem and I believe I know what the cause is. It should be a relatively simple fix. I might be able to sneak it into the first official/non-beta 550 release which goes public late February. Otherwise it will be in the next 550 release about a month later.

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I’m very much hoping you can also solve NVIDIA modules build failure with upcoming gcc-14 and recent kernels due to misfiring conftest.sh test (heads up)

I’d love to see something done with Low P state affects the display output smoothness - #5 by SenojEkul

If you need patch testing I am happy to help.

My wgpu-based game has been affected by this bug (the game freezes on launch) since driver 545. If this can be included in the 550 stable release that would let me stop using old 535 drivers for development

Unfortunately there was not enough time for the fix to make it into the first stable 550 release, sorry, but it will be in the second stable release from that branch.