What does SYS5V power mean in tegrastats?

In tegrastats, we can find CPU, GPU, ram, soc, cv, and sys5V power consumption. At first, I thought the sys5V is the total power consumption of the board. When I accessed the power node files, I was able to observe that, at any instance, the summation of CPU and GPU power consumption can be much higher that sys5V power. So I guess sys5V is not the total power consumption?
Then what is it actually?
Is there any equation, if we want to calculate the total power consumption of the board?

Something like total_power = cpu + gpu + ram + soc + cv + sys5V ?


It should be the power consumption of VDD_5V which includes all parts power except DDR, CPU, GPU and CV.

This question is NOT solved, and I see the similar misinformation on other pages. Can someone from Nvidia please take more than 20 seconds to actually, thoroughly explain and answer this question? From tegrastats info, what does each column mean, and what is the equation for total power consumption. Since different people may be interested in different things here, multiple equations would be even better:

Total SOC Power = ???
Total SoM Power (ignoring peripheral devices, if this can be isolated) = ???
Total Power load on the power supply including M.2 peripherals, USB attached devices, etc. = ??

Thank you.