What is "call to cuInit returned error 999: Unknown&quo


There was no problem on compile, but I had an error message “call to cuInit returned error 999: Unknown” while running my program.

What does error message imply?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Danny,

Where I’ve seen this error is when the driver attempt to run the code on Linux but there’s no “/dev/nvidia[0…n]” device available. Only root can create the device, so try switching to root, run “pgaccelinfo”, switch back to a regular user and try running the code. If it works, that’s the problem.

The work around for this was to put something (like “pgaccelinfo”) in the rc scripts so that the NVidia devices were created in “/dev”. Though, I don’t know if this is still correct since it’s been many years since I’ve seen this issue.

Please verify if this is indeed the problem, and then I’ll ask my IT folks what’s the best current solution. Also, please let me know what OS you’re using and the compiler version.

  • Mat