What Mellanox QSA modules are supported on the newer CX6 VPI cards ?

Ultimately I am trying to dumb down the 100GE/200E port on the CX6 and connect it directly into a switch that only supports 10GE…

I have looked at the QSA (40GE to 10GE), but I’m not sure if this is supported or if it will provide the stepdown to 10GE, since it uses only 1 of 4 lanes, and I believe the CX6 lanes run at either 25Gbps (NRZ) or 50Gbps (PAM)…

Any thoughts on converting the CX6 ports to support 10GE ?

Many TIA…

Hello Steven,

Thank you for posting your question on the NVIDIA/Mellanox Community.

You can find all supported QSA adapters and cables for the ConnectX-6 VPI through the following link → https://docs.mellanox.com/display/ConnectX6Firmwarev20276008/Firmware+Compatible+Products

This is the RN for our latest f/w which will describe the supported cables and QSA adapters included restrictions.

Thank you,

~NVIDIA/Mellanox Support