when is dithering support going to be added for the windows based drivers for us TN panel users.


this thread has tons of people crying out for official dithering support in the nvidia drivers. Yet nvidia has been silent on this matter.

I myself own a TN panel and the color banding is horrible. Control is unplayable because of this issue.

Why has nvidia been silent on this. They added it to the Linux version of the driver but cant add it to the windows driver? People have hacked in various ways to enable it but its not perfect. it has issues with sleep mode and randomly turning off.

IT CAN BE DONE. yet no one at nvidia has said anything.

My hope is to reach a driver developer here to let them know that this issue will cause me and others to go to AMD if they do not fix this. AMD has dithering enabled by default.

There is NO reason this cant be added. So please. PLEASE. add it!

Thank you.

can we get an update?