When to update/override nvgpu.ko?

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In most of my bringing up of custom camera modules and re-flashing the custom image, I have never paid attention to the nvgpu.ko module. But recently, I saw that there’s step to update the NVGPU kernel file in the following instruction for installing Jetpack-5.0.2 onto M2 SSD : JetPack-5.0 Installation to M.2 SSD for DSBOX-NX2

Also, nvgpu.ko is mentioned in the following ticket : JP 5.0.2 GA Correct way to build kernel and modules? nvgpu.ko errors!

So I would like to know when it gets re-built and needs to be updated into the system, please ?

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If your kernel got rebuilt and nvgpu.ko cannot get loaded… then try to build it again…

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