When using the GUI to analyze a target, how do I specify the location of the nsight system where the target is downloaded?


When I connected to QNX via SSH, I couldn’t complete the installation on the target due to the lack of space already allocated inside, but I couldn’t change the structure that had already been set. So, how do you change the default installation path on the target?


Hi @thunder.t.li,

I’m afraid there’s currently no way of changing the installation path. But there is a possible workaround. You can manually install the target binaries by copying the “target-qnx-armv8” directory from your Nsight Systems installation to the target. You should then set the TMPDIR environment variable to the directory with enough free space for the temporary files and then directly invoke CLI version of nsys:
<...>/target-qnx-armv8/nsys profile <profile params>