where are JetsonTX2 RTX drivers for running T4 & QuadroRTX4000 (and other RTX GPUs)

We manufacture a Mini chassis that allows installation of PCIe x8 & x16 cards (such as NVIDIA RTX GPUs) into the Jetson TX2 carrier board (having only the PCIe x4 slot).

The Jetson TX2 carrier board will get an enormous boost of power with a T4 / RTX4000 / RTX8000 etc installed… but only if the drivers allow it.

We assume the Jetson TX2 OS only has support for Pascal CPU features, since the TX2 has a Pascal GPU. Hence we also assume any GTX/RTX GPU installed in the Jetson TX2 carrier board can be driven (in GTX/Pascal mode functionality).

However, I was looking for Linux ARM 64 bit RTX drivers, and the assumption (of Linux & 64 bit) is that it is only for an Intel x86/64 architecture… see binary name in Linux 64bit .run file:

May I assume in the future, the Jetson TX2 software updates will have the RTX functionality enabled, without needing to explicitly find & install RTX drivers?

NVIDIA has announced generalized support for ARM:


but currently what you are discussing is not supported. There are no general ARM drivers for discrete GPUs (yet).

I wouldn’t be able to respond to questions about what exactly to expect, and when, other than what is published in the press release above.