Where is the micro USB port on Auvidea JN30D board?


I have got a JN30D-Nano Development System from Auvidea (JN30D for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ and TX2 NX™ – Auvidea).
The following documents state that there is a micro-USB port on the board:

The setup manual (https://auvidea.eu/download/Software) also speaks of connecting the board to host computer through the micro USB port and then powering up the system for flashing.
But I can’t find a micro USB port on this board! Where is this micro USB port?
There is only a USB C, a USB 3.0 A socket, and a JST GH connector for USB 2.0. The board is also is powered over the USB C and does not have any other power socket. The Technical Reference Manual (https://auvidea.eu/download/manual/JN30D/JN30D_Manual.pdf) states that this USB C port can be used for flashing the device. But how?
I am stuck not being able to flash my board.
Thanks for help.

I don’t have the answer due to we do not have their board to check, may other developers help to share experiecnes.

The board does not have a micor-USB port. The USB C port should be used to flash the board.
I could talk to Auvidea’s support and this is the procedure to flash the board:

  • Connect pin 7 (Force Recovery) and 8 (GND) of the J32 on the board to put the board in Force Recovery mode
  • Connect the USB C to a Linux computer (wait a little bit and run lsusb. You should see NVIDIA Corp.)
  • Follow the setup procedure from the Software Installation Guide (https://auvidea.eu/download/Software)

This worked for my board (JN30D-Nano)

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