Carrier board Auvidea JN30B recovery mode

We need to use the micro USB port (J12) on a Jetson Nano mounted on a carrier board Auvidea JN30B-LC to simulate an USB HID device on an host computer, but the problem is that during the power on boot with the USB cable plugged in the host computer the Jetson system goes into recovery mode and this behavior is problematic making the system unreliable in case of power failure or reboot.

Is it possible to prevent the system from entering recovery mode when the USB cable is plugged in ? Maybe with some parameter to the MCU ?

Hi gilberto.decaro,

Please contact with Auvidea support for help - Support – Auvidea


Yes I wrote to Auvidea support 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t receive a reply, so I try to write to the forum.

hello gilberto.decaro,

is it means you’re able to boot into ubuntu desktop by disconnected micro USB.
are you able to reproduce the same with Jetson Nano Developer Kit?
you may also check Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide.