Where is the STEP Importer in Isaac Sim 2022.2.0?

Hi I’m trying to import local STEP files from my PC. I can not find the STEP-Importer anymore. Got it removed ?
If so, how can I import my STEP files then?

@ma161mol are you referring to the CAD converter extension?


if so, you should be able to use the two methods described on that page to import your stp files (i think it was still accessible in version 2022.2.0)

I think so. But when i want to Save the World it only saves the last imported File and not every single import I did

hmm, saving seems to be working for me on multiple STP files (tested on 2023.1.0). is it possible for you to mock up a few basic STP files and record your process? were there any log messages that would’ve indicated issue with saving?

I’m going to update to a newer Version. And will write again if it worked for me or not.

sounds good. sorry i don’t have older versions at the moment 😔

this was my process, nothing out of the ordinary, i don’t think: