Which cable to connect ConnectX-7 with Broadcom P2100G?

Hi Everyone,

We’ve purchased a new storage server that comes with a MCX713106AS-VEAT 200Gbe ConnectX-7 card. We also have a system with a Broadcom P2100G 100Gbe card that has gone unused until now. The ConnectX-7 card has dual QSFP112 ports on it, while the P2100G has dual QSFP56 ports. Would we be able to connect the two using a single QSFP56 cable? Or would we need a QSFP112 to QSFP56 splitter to connect the two? We’d like to be able to connect the two so that we can utilize the full bandwidth.

– Kurt

Hello UCBKurt,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. The list of supported cables for ConnectX-7 cards is listed below:

Regarding compatibility, QSFP112 is backwards compatible with QSFP56. Please refer to - http://qsfp112.com/

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