Which GL Drivers do I need for CUDA 0.9?

I have downloaded and installed the CUDA drivers, Toolkit and SDK for V0.9. However, although the D3D apps work fine, the GL apps kiil the machine dead - no BSOD, it just hangs with no error, so that my only option is the Big Red Button.

Can anybody advise which GL drivers I require and where I can get them?

I am using an nVidia Quadro FX 4600 card, if that helps.


The latest release is 1.0, not 0.9:

Fair enough, but given that V1.0 was only annouced today and, I quote: “The NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit Version 1.0 introduces no new features over the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit Version 0.9, only bug fixes.” - is that likely to be the cause of this crash?

I’m not trying to be facetious, and I realise that comment only applies to the toolkit, but I’m worried that such apparently minor releases can make such significant changes.

From the release notes (V0.9):

This seemed to fix my problem. Which Was Nice :magic:

I think I’ll download V1.0 in any case, since it seems like good policy to stay on the latest release. Mind you, the site is so slow it took me several hours to download this morning <img src=‘http://hqnveipbwb20/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/crying.gif’ class=‘bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:’(’ />

CORRECTION: This bug is listed in the release notes for V1.0.