Why am I not allowed to download JetPack 4.5?

I can download 4.5.1, and 4.4.1, but apparently “membership” is required for 4.5. Membership in what? Why?

I can’t answer anything with authority, but the list of all JetPacks is here:

I see JetPack4.5. If I go there, signed in with my forum account, it says I can download it. You’re interested in Nano it looks like, so these are the two downloads (SDKM or image, assuming dev kit):

You are speaking of SDKM/JetPack, so this is what I test. When I click on “Download NVIDIA SDK Manager” it offers to save file “sdkmanager_1.4.1-7402_amd64.deb”, which works. Are you looking for something different? You do have to be logged in to the web page because it is part of the developer portal, but it should be the same login as your forum login.

Thanks, but that’s what I am talking about. When I go to this address:


I get a message saying:

Membership Required

You are not authorized to access this page.

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Interesting…it does that to me too now. Earlier, when I was posting my reply, I did not have that result. @TomK might be able to help.

Thanks for pointing this out - will have our IT team look into it.

Testing these ones, and these links do not require login:

Those work for me.

I’m trying to download 4.5 for the NX, but face the same issue – membership required even though I’m signed in. Nano links work fine but the NX SD card image link does not – https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-nx-developer-kit-sd-card-image-45

Any suggestions @dusty_nv?

Edit: I was able to download the image from the Jetson Download center (Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer), but the issue still remains.

Hmm, I am able to download these NX images from incognito (i.e. without being logged in)

Do those work for you? Maybe just the jetson-nx-developer-kit-sd-card-image-45 needs fixing

@dusty_nv yes I can access the links without being logged in as well. Also, it seems the link I wasn’t able to access before also works now. Thanks for the quick response.