Why could my Visual Profiler not be working?

I can run the profiler calling cudaprof, I can set the executable and the working directory, I can set the timestamp and counters, I can select the columns for the summary table etc, I have CUDA_PROFILER=1, and I when I press start the profiler and the program executes it seems to be working telling me its going through three phases.

But when its finished executing the program I always get the message

“Error -94 in reading profiler ouput.
Minimum expected columns (method, gpu time, cpu time, occupancy) not found in profiler output file”

What should the profiler output after the program it is profiling has finished executing from cudaprof, and where should that file or those files be?

If those files are not being output at all why is that?

those files will be output in the current directory. So when your program changes directory between the start of the program and the execution of the kernel, the file is in another directory than expected by the profiler, and it cannot find the file.