Why did the camera start with a high probability timeout the first time ?and the second time start ok?


    xavier + FPDlink camera(YUV CSI to CSIA, 2lane csi)

The phenomeno:(Aging test)

After starting Xavier system once(Up and down the electricity)

         1. the first time, camera start:   often timeout,capture video fail

         2. the second time, camera start:    ok

If using argus, you may check if socket has been created.


    I'm not using   argus。

    I'm  using  V4L2 cmd

Does your image sensor take a significant amount of time to be configured? There is a device tree propery, set_mode_delay_ms, that allows you to lengthen the default timeouts.

The Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide documents as “Maximum wait time for the first frame after capture starts, in milliseconds.”.


@ D3_growe:

The general What do I need to set this value  “set_mode_delay_ms” to  ??

I don’t have a good answer for you. You could try something like 5000 ms. This is a a debugging step to help isolate the problem and not necessarily a solution to the problem.

@ D3_growe:

No effect after modification。

Any other Suggestions? Thanks

hello JiaZW,

how often is your 1st time camera access failed?
by looking into the failure message, is it always report time out failure from the VI engine?

you might probe the MIPI signaling to narrow down the issue first.
suggest you should also review the power-on/off sequence.