Why does the date change to 2018 after every restart?

I had set the date manually, but its change to 2018 year when restart.
How can I fix it ?



Could you share which jetpack you are using?

Do you connect a etherent cable on your device?

Jetson Nano will forget date and time when powered off if you do not have RTC backup power supply (such as a battery or a supercapacitor). If the clock was reset after powering off, when you turn it on and there is no Ethernet or WiFi connection, it cannot know current date and time.

I solved this by adding small supercapacitor for the RTC so it can keep correct date and time even when Jetson Nano is turned off (I also had to increase charging current and voltage for the supercapacitor, this is how I did this in case somebody is interested: Is it possible to increase RTC supercapacitor charging current? - #5 by Lissanro). Adding a battery for the RTC is another option: https://custom-build-robots.com/top-story-en/nvidia-jetson-nano-real-time-clock-rtc-part-1/12774?lang=en.

In fact, I bought five new nano.

They’re all not connected to WiFi or Etherent.

Four nano’s date is OK rebooting, but only one is wrong.

My Env:

Jetson Nano 4GB.
R32 (release), REVISION: 4.4, GCID: 23942405, BOARD: t210ref, EABI: aarch64

If you just rebooting without completely removing power, then there is a chance that current date and time will be preserved (perhaps this is possible even if power removed for a short time but I did not test this). You can check with an oscilloscope, what happens with RTC power supply when you are rebooting, but my guess your RTC power supply voltage during reboot is dropping near threshold, this would explain why some Nano boards still keep correct date but some do not. If all you want is to preserve current date and time during reboots (without powering off for prolonged time), then adding sufficiently large SMD capacitor between C5 pads (normally intended for RTC supercapacitor) can be a solution. Here is a guide how to add supercapacitor: GitHub - marshallmassengill/JetsonSuperCapRTC: NVIDIA Jetson Nano & Jetson Xavier NX SuperCap (Super Capacitor) RTC Instructions - even if intention is to add relatively small SMD capacitor, it is still will be useful as a reference because it contains photos and detailed instructions. Alternatively, a capacitor for RTC can be added between + and - J45 pads but then D64 needs to be shorted.