Why doesn't the X, Y and Size bar show up when I move my checkerboard in front of my USB camera?

Monocular Camera Calibration

This tutorial uses a 6x8 checkerboard with 200mm squares.
Does this mean that the side length of each small square on the checkerboard is 200mm? Is it too big? Or should it be 20mm?

Hi @changshengjiang1

Like the picture you printed, the checkboard must have:

  • checkboard size 6 x 8
  • 20mm square for each square

On the Camera Calibration Pattern Generator – calib.io you can set these parameters:

  • Board Width [mm]: 200 (default value)
  • Board Height [mm]: 150 (default value)
  • Rows: 6
  • Columns: 6
  • Checker Width [mm] 20

After that check if every tile measure 20 x 20 mm square

If there are any issues, let me know.