Why I can't use NVIDIA GPU card with XRDP?


I am using NVIDIA Gaming PC - Ubuntu 18.04 AMI on AWS. (g4dn.xlarge instance) I installed XRDP on this server and connect with RDP and use Ubuntu Desktop. The GPU does not work even though there is an nvidia driver on the server and a 3D controller between the display hardware.
Mesa Project and SGI still appear when I run glxinfo.

I do the GPU test by running the glxgears command and it still seems to be using the CPU. It says “No running processes found” in the output of the nvidia-smi command. NVIDIA driver is also running on the server because I get the answer to nvidia-smi query.

Components installed on the server and server details:

Server operating system:
Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS Bionic

NVIDIA card details:

  1. Card Model: NVIDIA Tesla T4
  2. NVIDIA Driver Version: 430.50
  3. CUDA Version: 10.1

Components installed on the server:

  1. XRDP was installed to access RDP. > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xrdp
  2. For Ubuntu desktop interface, gnome is installed and other associated services are installed.
  3. The nouveau was disabled to ensure that the VGA was not active.
  4. glxgears (apt-get install mesa-utils)

Could you help with this?