Why PyQt5 can not show menu in Jetson NX TX2?


  • 1: With JetPack4.5.1_R32.5.1 for Jetson TX2 NX

  • 2: I install PyQt5 refer to this forum link:https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/how-to-install-pyqt5-in-jetson-xavier/79554/3

  • 3: I run designer generate main.ui file and run pyuic5 main.ui >main.py in Jetson TX2 NX;

  • 4: python3 main.py

  • 5: main.py file has uploaded.
    main.py (10.1 KB)

  • Problem is: The menu bar at the top of the window has disappeared , but it appeared in the top of the screen when mouse touch here., it is abnormally.

  • Could you give me some suggestions about development PyQt5 GUI in Jetson TX2 NX?

  • Thank you very much and best regards to you.

When I move mouse to the top of the screen, menu of PyQt5 is comming.

We don’t have much experience in PyQt. It looks like the Ubuntu OS is still there. Do you see the same behavior if you open another non-qt window? Looks like window setting(certain setting about window layout) in Ubuntu OS is different.

When I open cutecom with sudo cutecom, the menu is normal:

Finally, I replace menu view with table view in order to avoid this problem.
Thanks all.
Best Regards to all!