Will this PCI LAN card work on Orin AGX devkit?

Have you confirmed their driver is workable on JetPack 5.0.2 GA/Linux Kernel 5.10?

do you have any particular driver in mind? I haven’t seen any aarch64 linux driver specifically for this hardware at amd/xilinx websites, so I am trying to find out

I don’t have experience with this device, but I think the driver is ready as a module (tried from XavierNX running standard JP-5.0.2):

zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_SFC
# CONFIG_SFC_FALCON is not set

sudo modprobe sfc

You may also check:

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from xillinx

We do not currently offer an aarch64 driver for any Solarflare-based cards.

Although we don't support it, however, the in-distro driver distributed with Linux does compile on when aarch64 is enabled.


Please note that the SFN7122F is completely out of support.

If you need support for this architecture with newer cards, you should discuss this with your Sales representative.

I’d think that if the driver can be built, and if this works on a PC, then it should work on the Jetson. If there were something like architecture-dependent assembler in the code of the driver, then it wouldn’t even build.

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are these cards compatible with AGX Orin devkit?
Vogzone for Intel X520-DA2/X520-SR2 10GbE Converged Network Card Dual SFP+ Port PCI-E X8 with Intel 82599ES Chip https://a.co/d/f26EIb1

Also this one

Vogzone for Intel X550-T1 10Gb Ethernet Converged Network Card(NIC/CNA) Single Copper RJ45 Port with Intel ELX550AT Controller PCI-E X4 https://a.co/d/bzdwY2X

I suggest cross-compile the kernel module as if you have one of these already, and see if it builds. If so, then probably the driver works. My biggest concern (if the driver builds) would be whether or not power draw is too much (10Gb ethernet tends to have a high power drain).

folks are just intending to purchase. not yet procured

Building the driver would go a long ways to knowing if the hardware can work, and would not require actually having the hardware.

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