Windows 10 with laest driver (51x, also tried 472.84 ) throw dpc watchdog violation (BSOD)

Windows BOSD with latest driver
throw dpc watchdog violation (BSOD), which minidump shows error DPC_QUEUE_EXECUTION_TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED under nvlddmkm.sys

Clean windows 10 install, Random freezes and BSOD with dpc watchdog violation message.

System spec:

  • Nvidia 1050TI , 1050
  • 7700k, 32GB ram
  • 2TB SSD

Tried the latest driver and this issue still occurs.
I am not the only one whom has this issue: “dpc watchdog violation reddit nvlddmkm”

Here is the minidump file, it may helps:
The newer one use an older driver, 472.84, the older minidump one use the latest driver. (740.3 KB)

Please help.


I found out the root cause after 2 months of daily bsod DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION issue.

The new nvme ssd, and the overloaded sata hd x 3, with the dual display card causes the CPU voltage is not as stable as it should.

Just go ahead and set a stable voltage in BIOS with latest driver update, it can fix the issue.